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I think I will start over here. I know a lot of you appreciate my art and I appreciate your support and I'm sincerely grateful for that. But the internet has gotten so toxic that a few people can ruin things to the point that one needs to start over. Once I know where to steer this ship I will make a new profile where I will upload safer things to share (ie: non-copyright infringing or original art). I love drawing superheroes, but I think that part of my life is passed.

I will, once everything is set in a more professional way, delete this profile and simply start a new smaller presence on the internet. I apologize for those who enjoyed my art, but it's over. Now begins the effort to find employment and a more reserved art career.
I've been away far too long. 2 years in fact. I posted exactly one thing in that time, so I haven't been completely gone, but I also haven't exactly been here 24/7/365.

I appreciate the patience of those who didn't assume I was ignoring them. Life stuff gets in the way. I was almost homeless and I was unemployed and most of my energies have been going into rebuilding my life. I haven't even drawn in those two years except the one or two sketches a year. That would devastate most artists and it has for me. I feel my skill has suffered. But now I'm earning enough where I feel I can afford to take a break out to start again. No more just surviving. Now comes the living.

Again, thank you for understanding. It's been a hard 2 years and I'm glad I'm out of this black, bleak tunnel I've been in. :)
There, I said it.
If you want to draw in your hardcover sketchbook on an impromptu inclined drawing surface without a pencil stop without the sketchbook sliding down: tear off quarter inch chunks of your kneaded eraser and put them under the lower corners of the book cover that rest on the surface and press down on the corners. Quick and dirty and you don't have to worry about tape ripping anything. Works great with portable wooden drawing boards. It's like "Stay Putty". :)


Ryan Martinez
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am a traditional artist specializing in line art in a previous life while in this life I specialize in logowork, graphics for media kits, interface graphics and the occasional comic book style pinup.

My equipment is (from beginning to end):
• A Pentel 0.5mm mechanical pencil with a pencil end eraser
• A hardcover drawing book (sometimes loose leaf paper for loose sketches or smooth Bristol board for finished work)
• A tabloid sized flatbed Mustek ScanExpress A3 USB scanner hanging on by a thin futureproofing thread with the installation of a command line utility XSANE
• MacBook Pro 13 e2011
• A salvaged 19" Acer AL1914 monitor as a 2nd monitor which works flawlessly
• Adobe CS6
• Wacom Graphire3 Pearl digitizer
• Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000
• Kindle Fire G1 rooted and flashed with Cyanogenmod 10.1.3 playing Google Music playlists.

Equipment I wish I had are:
• A Cintiq
• A ModBook Pro (possibly created from my current MacBook Pro
• A drawing table
• Lots of low cost LED natural lighting in here
• ...

My favorite subject is computer graphics from way back. I started by creating icons and wallpaper, completely ignoring my traditional drawing skills in the process (*sob*). I also dabble in concept interfaces and website design as well as 3D art.

My inspirations are:
• Arlo Rose of Kaleidoscope and Apple fame.
• UDON Entertainment and various comic artists here and there.

Ryan (ThePenciler) Martinez
Freelance Illustration



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